Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Peelable Coatings, Temporary Masking Product Uses

Peelable Coatings, Temporary Masking, Temporary Protective Coatings
Protective Peelable Coatings/Strippable, Eco-Friendly Liquid masking products that air-dry, Strippable/peelable temporary protective coatings. http://www.mileschemicalsolutions.com/feedback.htm Temporary Protective Coatings, Easily Applied, Eco-Friendly Liquid Compounds,Protective Masking that becomes a Peelable/Strippable Barrier Coating. For further information on uses of protective peelable coatings visit: http://www.mileschemicalsolutions.com/Peelable_Coatings_home.htm

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